The Weird And Wonderful Life Of Feline And Strange


Calling all Steam-punkers, there is a new name in town, its Feline and Strange.

For many of us, the notion of dressing up in extravagant outfits, pretending your an extra terrestrial alien who’s playing music to make a living on planet earth is probably second on your weekend to do list, But Feline and Strange have made it their main priority.

With the recent release of their new album ‘OUT’, this duo are set to take over your sound systems.

Stemming from the brain of the multi-talented Feline Lang who’s operatic and tango singing background has helped forge the overall style of the band. She also has directorial, multimedia and piano playing duties which she incorporates into the project. Feline has been described as “One of Germany´s most flamboyant ladies in the music-scene”.

And without forgetting Christoph Klemke (punk drummer, sound designer, percussionist and orchestra cellist), who is a key player to the formation and creative output of the band, the pair are set to conquer new grounds when it comes to musical orientation.





Feline and Strange Website:



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