In review: Albino’s vintage rock single ‘Belinda’

Albino 4

The sixties managed to form a very particular rock sound at one point: one that was built around driving organs, jangly guitar rhythms and powerful vocals. These are all things that London based band Albino manage to resurrect through their kaleidoscopic- retroscopic rock stylings that bring that vintage sound into the modern day.

From their new album, Night At The Chemist, ‘Belinda’ is without a doubt the track that exhibits this the best, kicking off with a simple but reminiscent organ line that chugs along with the beat before the overdriven guitar bursts the door down during the chorus, joined by front-man Ben Tucker’s raw, attitude-filled vocals.

If you hadn’t come across the whiskey obsessed four piece before, you probably would have placed them and ‘Belinda’ in your record collection somewhere in between The Animals and The Yardbirds, both sonically and historically. The Doors and The Zombies provide a close comparison too, but there’s arguably a bit more of a country rock twang hidden underneath the facade of Albino and Ben Tucker’s voice offers a lot more grit than Colin Blunstone’s, but less shout than that of Jim Morrison.

It’s a wonderfully balanced single-malt of a track that has enough throwback for the Dads to reminisce their rocker days, but just enough retro-ooze to draw in younger crowds looking for that older sound that is so rarely found in this day and age.

The video’s a good laugh too. Lego. Adultery. Violence. Stop-go animation. What more could you ask for?




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