Bimbi Philips: ‘Lamba’

By day, Bimbi Philips, is your average I.T business consultant in London, going about his clients’ daily business. But once the clock hits five – Bimbi transforms into a vibrant afrobeats artist, blending his genre with anything his creative mind conceives;  EDM, house, soca and dancehall are just some of the genres he has used to create this unique concoction. By combining natural sounding African-Fuji instrumentation and his classic afrobeats vocals with a contemporary western sound, Bimbi is making his music accessible to listeners of all backgrounds.

‘Lamba’ is a lively, beat-heavy track that is driven by Bimbi’s infectious vocals and backed up by a simple, yet highly effective bass line. Breezy wah-filled guitars make a fleeting appearance along with expertly timed backing vocals that complete the texture of Bimbi’s style.

Bimbi says his inspiration has been vastly sourced, hence, his vocals are rooted within the tunes of Fela Kuti, with his melodies taking inspiration from R&B duo P-Square. His musical bounce has been compared to Wayne Wonder’s easy flow, whilst he never fails to entice the international market by carefully infusing EDM rhythms used by the likes of Major Lazer, DJ Snake, David Guetta and Calvin Harris.



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