Calista Kazuko releases new single ‘Life With Ivy’

calista 1

As the daughter of a famed classical violinist who founded The Medici Quartet, you might expect that Calista Kazuko would follow in her Father’s footsteps, but alas, this is not quite the case.

Instead, the supremely talented and eccentric Calista has taken the skills she has learnt at the Royal Academy of music and applied them into creating her own sub-genre – what she likes to label ‘pop macabre’. It’s dark, it’s sexy, seductive and the latest product of this bizarre love child is her new single ‘Life With Ivy’.

With her first single ‘Poison’ presenting a more intense, evocative side to the singer-songwriter, ‘Life With Ivy’ shows something completely different; a sensitive, vulnerable character that lurks beneath the surface of Calista’s facade. It’s a gentle, shimmering number that tells the story of two women; one lost, one longing.

In the past, the fashion-obsessed Kazuko has seen her music exhibited at one of Stella McCartney’s catwalk openings and luxury french designer brand, Jitrois, have even named a high-end leather jacket after her. But this is what encapsulates Calista: high art, high class, high gloss and high drama.

‘Life With Ivy’ is taken from the upcoming, highly anticipated EP, Project: Love Me, of which Calista notes: I consider it to be my first proper EP. This is the one that really excites me. I’ve worked with labels and managers who have tried to commercialise me, and this is the first thing that I’ve done where I’ve felt I’m really being me.’

‘Life With Ivy’ isn’t out until 21st July, but you can check out the teaser for Calista’s EP here:




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