VOTW: Avante Black makes a beautiful mess

You know that rare but special moment when less than 15 seconds into a song, you are already impressed. That was felt upon my first listen to Avante Black’s debut release Drug Money. Signalled by blaring sirens and a loud roaring beat, the song brought to mind something akin to a rapid police chase or a couple of young lovers heading out on the run through the sunset.

A four piece alt-pop-rock band led by vocalist Ottilia Zimmerman Kjultsten, hailing from the land of endless pop talent Sweden, their newest output is the 80s flavoured break-up anthem Make a Mess, able to watch below:

With a light sepia filter reminiscent to that of E4’s trendy rich kid “reality”  series Made in Chelsea coupled with an edgy girl gang riding on bikes through a quiet park, the video sees lead star Ottilia destroying unsuspecting men with her Cyclops’ laser eye abilities. Light and almost humorous entertainment for an exciting track, Avante Black are sure to have bright career ahead fresh from their well-received set at Communion Music’s Bushstock Festival and their continued support from BBC Radio 1.

Find out more about Avante Black here:



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