SOTW: Voldo Blanka goes his own way

‘People assume if you’re making electronic music that you’re just a button pusher and loads of people in this industry are. But I’m a songwriter: I score films, I sing, I play a dozen instruments and I happen to have a love for, and obsession with, what moves people and makes people move’ – these are the fierce words of Canadian musician Voldo Blanka whose debut release Go Your Way is our Single of the Week.

Known to experiment with anything from scrap metal percussion to breathing or rustling, he creates a unique brand of alternative-electronica that has moments of calm and peaks of intensity akin to film scores. A multi-instrumentalist with years of international touring and recording experience with legendary producers under his belt, he has crafted his upcoming debut album single-handedly and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

Find out more about Voldo Blanka here:





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