Techno makes a comeback with Iranian artist Vispa

Much like real rock and roll, techno seems to have died a death a long time ago, but up and coming Iranian musician, Vispa, is looking to bring it back from the underworld with his old-skool style of electronic music.

Vispa has pioneered a retro influenced style of electronic-techno that borrows as much from compositional and orchestral style of music, as it does from the origins of typical electronica.

Looking up to the likes of Vangelis, Kitaro and Jean-Michael Jarre, Vispa employs haunting electronic string sections and combines them with evocative synths that drive his latest track, ‘Cosmic Force’.

At the age of 19, Vispa finally decided to attend a music class where he learnt his trade, perfecting his skills on keyboards and synthesizers. This then led to the talented musician beginning to compose his own music, arranging melodies and experimenting with tunes, playing by ear.

Intriguingly, the inspiration for ‘Cosmic Force’ came from one of Vispa’s contemplative daydreams on space and the world beyond, and this notion certainly comes across when listening to the track.





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