Stunnah Gee joins forces with Kymo Kingin for Breast Cancer Awareness EP

It’s always great to hear when an artist is releasing a track in the name of a good cause and Stunnah Gee is the latest of these, teaming up with Kymo Kingin, a big name in the Nigerian R&B scene, to create their crossover EP, Nipples.

Blending a number of genres including R&B, afrobeat, trap and pop, the duo have formed a quality collaboration record that utilises their talents to the best of their abilities and promotes a pertinent issue.

Unfortunately, Stunnah Gee’s Aunt has had several brushes with cancer in her lifetime and even more sadly, his Uncle passed away from pancreatic cancer. As a result, you can’t blame the talented musician for wanting to use music as a outlet for how he feels. The single ‘I Need An Answer’ from the EP addresses breast cancer awareness head on, displaying some shocking and humbling facts and images in its expertly crafted video.

Whilst Stunnah Gee was nominated for a MOBO and won a BEFFTA award in 2016, Kymo was nominated for the prestigious Channel O awards in Africa, where he performed in front of a massive crowd.

Speaking on the new record, the pair noted that it was their aim to ‘create world music and to break boundaries with the project, but in the long run after sharing so many ideas, the thought came to us that we can do much more than just create music, but also give back to the society and that’s how we made it a breast cancer awareness project.’

10% of all sales will be donated to organisations supporting cancer research and to those who cannot afford treatment.

Find out more on Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin here:

Buy/Listen to the EP here:


Find out more on Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin here:


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