Track Review: Matt Boroff’s ‘Thirst’

American singer-songwriter Matt Boroff has delivered yet again, with the punchy single ‘Thirst’.

The atmospheric introduction to this intriguing song leaves fans anticipating his new album, Grand Delusion, which will be released on the 5th May.

Mimicking the music of a cowboy movie, the instrumental opening of this single takes us on a journey across windswept deserts, ultimately achieved through Matt’s unique alt-rock stylings. Throughout his career, Matt Boroff has shared the stage with bands such as Nirvana and Kyuss, providing experience within the music industry that only becomes more evident as this song plays on.

In addition to Matt’s already extensive list of music acquaintances, former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Jack Irons, and vocalist Mark Lanegan feature on this single. They both add to the already impressive sound of ‘Thirst’, through the different genres of music that they derive their music from.

Recorded at 11AD Studios in Hollywood, California, the production of Matt’s latest single is by far at the top of its game. Through the excessively distorted guitar solo and bass heavy drum beats, we can certainly hear that this single has been recorded in this way, with a particular outcome in mind. This outcome being to release a single that delivers punchy riffs, and showcases Matt Boroff’s baritone vocal abilities in a way that his music has never achieved so brilliantly.

This single does just that.


Visit to pre-order the album Grand Delusion, which is out on the 5th May.



James Handler


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