The New Soundtrack Album From M3staken Blending Hip-Hop, Classical and Electronic

Up-and-coming artist and producer M3staken (M3) is releasing his new soundtrack album titled Apex. The 8-track collection of instrumental hip-hop features original productions with an experimental twist. Taking inspiration from the likes of Joey Bada$$, FKA Twigs and Jamie xx, M3’s unique style fuses classical, hip-hop and electronic styles to create a truly unique and powerful combination.

Born and raised in South Carolina, M3 made Apex as an attempt to create a distinctive fusion of classical, hip-hop and electronic styles. He states that “as a primarily hip-hop based artist, it was important for me to emphasise the amount of musicality there is in hip-hop, while also using a mix of classical styles and modern techniques”.

Evidently, M3 is not here to imitate; he is pioneering a new sound, without fear, and this is certainly something the music industry needs more of. His contrasting influences might not sound like they would fit together well, but listening to the album proves otherwise.

M3staken uses specific techniques such as recording live pianos, instead of sampling, in order to gain a level of authenticity as well as avoid any clichés of the hip-hop genre.

Find out more on M3staken here:



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