Track Review: ‘Lovelorn’- Alonestar ft. Rosie Ribbons

Alonestar is a name you may not have heard of yet, but you’ll be sure to in the near future. Otherwise going by the name of Jethro Sheeran, Alonestar has created the addictive track ‘Lovelorn’ in conjunction with the talented vocals of Rosie Ribbons.

‘Loverlorn’ begins with a powerful beat that shows intent right from the off before Crescendo-growing synth-strings join the fray along with Jethro’s precise and calculated lyricism.

The single explores the difficult topic of unrequited love and this is most evident when Ribbons’ emotive vocals break through during the powerful chorus section. Also, her pure, clean voice provides a fitting contrast to Jethro’s attitude-filled, yet introspective raps.

In fact, Jethro and Rosie wrote ‘Lovelorn’ together about past life experiences. Jethro explains that the heartfelt track “is the strongest and most powerful song I have written & produced to date, it reflects my new sound and style. It’s something fresh and different to anything else out there at the moment. I dug deep to exercise the darkness in this track, and fell into the depths of my soul when coming up with the concept.”

The track is one of Jethro’s best yet, employing some highly professional production elements, proving that Alonestar is the real deal and he’s here to stay. The track was recorded with the help of Massive Attack’s guitarist, Angelo Bruschini, as well as drummer, Damon Reece.

Being related to Ed Sheeran, Alonestar always had pressure put onto his work. However after going straight to number 3 in the iTunes charts with his debut album ‘Cornerstone’, it was clear Alonestar was going to take on the music industry by storm. He went on to win two EIA Awards, two Exposure Music Awards, wrote all of Ed Sheeran’s SBTV and Live Room Performance raps and produced Bars and Melody’s platinum selling album ‘143’ reaching number 4 in the official UK charts.



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