Review: Jvgg Spvrrow – Pirate


So this year Grime and Hip Hop have been at the forefront of the music scene, branching out into both UK territory and American territory, and even places further afield picking up on the vibe, such as Japan.

Earlier on in the week I was introduced to St Martin native Jvgg Spvrrow and I was pleasantly surprised, in such a saturated scene, with many artists not really putting enough effort in lyrically or into the videos, or using filters and over the top graphics to bulk out the video, Jvgg Spvrrow, is a refreshing change.

The track entitled Pirate is everything you could want from a  hip hop track in this day and age, it is raw and gritty, with a great video to go with it, of course it includes the typical ‘Hip Hop’ theme with very attractive woman and lots of suspicious looking roll ups.

Although this was something I was half expecting as after reading up on Jvgg Spvrrow I learnt he is very similar to Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa on the smoking levels, stating that he doesn’t make music without smoking.

Jvgg Spvrrow is a Pirate through and through, the song actually describes him as a person, he has lots of tattoos, wild hair and a crazy persona, he does the majority of his tattoos himself and has a great image.

The video is very well shot and is quite comical at times, check it out below:



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