Get Spiritual With The Maladaptive Solution’s ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’

Florida based group, The Maladaptive Solution, create spiritual masterpieces of music that aim to teach listeners.

With a beautifully charming and melodic sound that draws parallels with Bob Dylan-esque folk and catchy pop hooks, the band have seemingly found a unique and intriguing recipe for their music.

Releasing contemporary spiritual pop for the next generation, The Maladaptive Solution aim to brainwash the nation with their new single ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’. The group use music as a medium to subtly teach, using a familiar but modern sound.

The mysterious group are influenced by a wide range of music from all eras and genres, creating memorable songs with quality production at the heart of what they do. Listeners of the track have reported crying, feeling a strong sense of happiness or even a sense of support during a hard time, proving how ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ can be interpreted by the individual however they deem suitable.

Find out more here:


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