Track Review: ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say ‘I’m Leaving” by M’Goo

The jazz influenced collective, M’Goo have dropped their latest track ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say ‘I’m Leaving” that draws inspiration from true stories, as does the rest of their work.

Supposedly, the track draws influence from the story of a couple getting married who decide to visit a fortune teller. However, the fortune teller foresees an unpredictable future for the couple and tells the woman that sometimes, ‘love is not enough’. And on that cheery note, the woman promptly ditches her husband-to-be, leaving him desolate and distraught. On the whole, the song addresses the issue of suddenly being abandoned by the one you love and the aftermath of such an event.

It’s a super easy-listening track that somehow manages to remain cheery despite the unhappy context of the song. Yet that is possibly what works best about ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear…’, the contrast between emotions. Of course, what the song addresses would be hugely difficult to deal with, but when juxtaposed with a major key, the track displays the whirlwind of emotions that would inevitably come along with it.

The track begins with some beautiful harmonics that set a thoughtful tone for the song, whilst singer, Mike Meighu’s vocals are clean, pure and honest reflecting the nature of the song perfectly. Also, with the addition of the subtle trumpets, a further layer of texture is created that complements the infectiously catchy chorus.

The unique writing and recording process of M’Goo provides a unique approach to music, with strong elements of jazz, rock and pop combined into one. Overall, for a truly meaningful listen, taken from real life, give M’Goo a try – there’s some very clever song writing in there.

Find out more about M’Goo here:



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