Live Review Si Cranstoun At The Borderline

The Borderline is one of those venues I always think is suitable for rock acts , so when I was invited to do a review of the Bruno Mars of the Vintage scene Si Cranstoun I was dubious to say the least having last seen him in what I thought was his true home , the classic Rivolli Rooms, but when I walked in and immediately had my face crammed to the wall due to the number in attendance …well it did say SELL OUT on the door so I should have expected a crush….. it made me realise that the hype could actually be true and maybe this was indeed one of Warners brightest new talents, although Britain’s Answer to Buble is a bit confusing , I prefer Croydon’s answer to Sam Cooke myself. Anyway, from the moment the tight brass section gave him the Las Vegas style intro to the crowd, the evening just flew by.

I  have been constantly sent information relating to his radio success with waht seem to be classic set up singles,  ‘Caught In The Moonlight’ and Dance for Evermore, the TV shows that are hitting the all important British masses and high profile shows at Carfest ,  The Secret Garden Party, and Proms in The Park etc etc ., so I felt slight cynicism wanting to find fault in actual fact but when you take away the hype what are you left with, well actually you are left with some of the catchiest songs I have heard in ages and a voice that you could cut with a bread knife. Tick Tock, Shout out , along with the singles give the crowd the new album selection but I gotta say I love Dynamo and the homage to the classic Coup De Ville which underline that Si Cranstoun has a body of work that acts like a time machine transporting you back to a day when there was a Ritzy in every town and you could buy a packet of sweets for a shilling.

The crowd were given a encore in Build Me Up Buttercup that again focused on where Si’s roots lay but most of all they left having danced the night away , or atleast shuffled the night away as there was no room to dance which is shame , but you can’t have it all.


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